Italy Elopement Photographer – Pierpaolo Perri

Artistry On The Amalfi Coast And Throughout Italy

The salt in the air, the cool breeze that lifts from the sea, the age-old delights of Italian culture, cuisine and architecture. All of these distinguished parts of the area — or even better, those that you care most about — can be harmonized into an unforgettable elopement in Italy.

The Music Behind The Frame

With your Italy elopement

With more than a decade of experience, I have a skill for seeing the music behind the frame, channeling the natural lighting, mood, setting and the spontaneity of each couple into a one-of-a-kind melody.

The most beautiful moments between two loved ones are often those that feel like a blur or a rush. I love to capture this delicate in-between, the seconds when you forget yourself and get lost in the feeling of being with the person you’ll spend your life with.

The stunning views will be seamlessly incorporated into your Italy elopement photos. And the unfading style of your photos will be matched forever with the timeless beauty of the Amalfi Coast, or any other Italian elopement destination.


“Pierpaolo, in addition to being technically excellent, is an extremely empathetic person and manages to get in tune with anyone to create the right atmosphere, the only one truly capable of bringing out the best natural shots you could wish for. I highly recommend [him] to anyone as a choice for their favorite event, it leaves an indelible mark: seeing is believing!”

villa paola tropea wedding

Italy Elopement Photography

Starting at 2000 euros

For elopements and intimate weddings alike, enjoy a calm, well-rounded atmosphere with local insights to guide each step of preparation. I’ll help you pinpoint the best location and then document the experience with ease and sophistication. From the details of the surrounding area to the soft glances, take home photographs that tell the story in a way that you can savor for years. Add on albums and prints, and request my preferred vendor list for cinematography or any other needs.


For Awe-Inspiring Photographs Like These

Where To Elope In Italy



Both a cliffside and a coastal location, Positano is delightfully unique. The views are unbeatable, and you’ll feel like you're staying at a resort that has been wonderfully preserved to feel like an excursion outside of time.


Lake Como

A lakefront elopement nestled alongside luscious foliage and 16th-century Italian architecture is hard to top. Bask in the sun glinting off of the lake as you say your vows.



The cliffside town of Matera is like nothing else. Warm night lighting set against the austere seclusion of the city. Perfect for those wanting an authentic trip back in time for their wedding.

Scenic Coastal Drive

Scarfs billowing in the wind, a drive along the coast in classic Italian cars

Take photos as you dive in and out of new, exciting oceanside backdrops, you and your partner reminded again and again of your shared love at each and every stop.

Italian Vineyard Elopement

Wine glass in hand, a saunter through a vibrant vineyard

Relax, slow down and enjoy the cool breeze under the warmth of the sun as you stroll through the hearts of Italy’s wine country. A classic villa is bound to be nearby, to stay in, or to take a set of portraits at.

Yacht or Sailboat Elopement

A treat for the senses, charcuterie at sea

Relish the senses and dine on some of the world’s most delicious hors d'oeuvres and wine as the waves gently lap against your sailboat or the more classic option, one of Italy’s luxury wooden motorboats.

surprise proposal villa cimbrone


Italian Elopement Photographer

A one-time bassist, my love for art compelled me to express myself with photography and I haven’t looked back since. It’s now been 10 years with a reputation built on hundreds of surprise proposals. With that experience, elopements feel like the next natural step for a beautiful storyline.

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