fabio amalia wedding in belmonte calabro

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Cosenza, Italy

Wedding in Belmonte Calabro.

This wedding in Belmonte Calabro has really got me. Fabio is a composer and a well known conductor here in Italy despite his young age. His resume boasts appearances on italian national television (RAI) as well as the direction of the Belarusian State Orchestra. You can see him in action on his YouTube Channel. Amalia, on the other hand, is a very good violinist who has a career in teaching the instrument. They also often played together, he the piano and she obviously violin. They originate from two Calabrian towns very distant from each other. Fabio is from Briatico and Amalia from Santa Maria del Cedro. So they chose a place halfway to facilitate the movement of all their relatives. They couldn’t have chosen a better place. A magical and evocative place overlooking the wonderful sea of Calabria

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