engagement photoshoot in sorrento

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Sorrento, Italy

Engagement photoshoot in Sorrento

Is there anything more romantic than an engagement photoshoot in Sorrento? Sorrento is a beautiful town above the bay of Naples in Italy, widely known for its abundance of citrus fruits. Sorrento has attracted tourists because of its alluring architecture and eye-catching greenery, worthy of destination weddings. If you are looking for a historical place for your engagement photoshoot, Sorrento sounds like a perfect place and I can guide you as one of the best photographer in Sorrento.

The brisk air with a radiant smell of lemons will freshen your mind. Wandering through the streets of Sorrento, you will be amazed by small lemon trees hiding behind the buildings. Ranging from high-end hotels and unique wood shops to magnificent couple restaurants, you will be surprised by how much a place this little can satisfy you. The Cloister of San Francesco is the most beautiful place for your engagement photoshoot in Sorrento. Let the flowers and greenery of the cloister beautify your memories and freshen your mind. 

Venues for your engagement photo session in Sorrento

The Island of Capri

Indeed, the most beautiful and romantic place to be at. Colorful flowers and green trees surround you, making every spot perfect for a photoshoot. It takes about 20 minutes on a ferry to reach the island

Villa Comunale

A romantic and beautiful place where you can peacefully sit and watch the sunset with the love of your life; is Villa Communale, a garden alongside the cloister of St. Francesco. The beautiful views of the ocean and rocks catch your attention, making the park one of the most romantic places for an engagement photoshoot.

The Amalfi Coast

Tour the coast and see how the multicolored houses and towns surround it. It has become one of the top tourist attractions in the past few years. People love to just randomly stop by and see the beauty of it. On your way to hotels and cafes, sit down on the coast with your love and capture the beautiful moments of your life.

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