Yesterday was a really really sad day for me! On of my most beloved band announced their quits after 28 years of music!

I can’t remember exactly when or where I discovered them for the first time but I can surely remember the song. It was 1996 and as young MTV addicted I spent hours watching music video until this big dog head appeared on the screen: the track was Da Funk! It was a kind of hypnosis both the music and the video and ever since I’ve been waiting to hear all the new stuff they would have create. I’ve been waiting for a sign for 8 years, since their last record Random Access Memories was released, but I really think that at this point we must resign ourselves to not hearing new music from them anymore.

I created some graphics to celebrate their career and that iconic date of their farewell. You can download them for free here!

Watch the Epilogue video By Daft Punk on YouTube

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