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Kirsten and Scott

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Planning a wedding is like conducting a symphony – it takes a vision, dedication, and a touch of magic. Enter the enchanting world of Kirsten and Scott, a couple whose love story unfolded like a fairy tale, culminating in a dreamy fall wedding at the picturesque Villa Carlotta. Let’s dive into the captivating journey of their wedding planning, fashion choices, and the delightful details that made their day truly magical.

Design / Vibe / Vision

Step into the enchanting world of Kirsten and Scott, where dreams are spun in soft hues, and love takes center stage. From the very beginning of their wedding journey, this dynamic duo had a vision that twirled on the edge of elegance and whimsy, creating a dance of romance that would rival any classic novel.
There was an atmosphere so ethereal that it felt like you'd stepped into the pages of a timeless love story. Kirsten and Scott didn't just want a wedding; they wanted a fairy tale, a celebration that whispered sweet nothings about their journey together.
The design of their special day is a masterpiece painted in the gentle strokes of a soft nude palette. Think of it as a canvas where elegance meets contemporary charm, creating an ambiance that's as dreamy as the love they share. The colors aren't just colors; they're emotions translated into a visual feast that captivates the senses.
But it's not just about the aesthetics of this power couple. It's about creating an experience that mirrors the couple's love story. Every detail of their celebration isn't just a decoration; it's a chapter in the book of Kirsten and Scott. Each element speaks volumes about the adventures they've shared and the journey they're embarking on together.

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Imagine an intimate celebration that feels like a secret garden of emotions, where every glance, every touch, and every shared smile adds another layer to the narrative of their love. This isn't just a wedding; it's a symphony of emotions, a celebration where joy pirouettes with elegance and laughter waltzes with whimsy.

Villa Carlotta
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The Fashion

Wedding Day White Gown for Bride

Emily, the radiant bride, graced the occasion in a gown that could rival the clouds. The dress, a masterpiece of lace and satin, embraced her silhouette, flowing like a waterfall of dreams. The bodice was adorned with delicate lace appliques, adding a touch of vintage charm. The train trailed behind her like a cascade of autumn leaves, a perfect match for their fall-themed celebration.

Groom Suit with a White Shirt

Alex was the epitome of timeless elegance in a classic three-piece suit. The white shirt, a symbol of purity and new beginnings, complemented the richness of his black suit. The crisp lines and tailored fit spoke volumes about his attention to detail, mirroring the meticulous planning that went into every aspect of their special day.

The Bride Did a Lowered Bun.

To complete her look, Emily opted for a timeless yet contemporary hairstyle – a lowered bun. Adorned with delicate floral pins, the bun added a touch of romance to her overall appearance. Stray tendrils framed her face, creating an effortlessly chic look that perfectly matched the vibe of their celebration.


Emily’s squad of bridesmaids was a carefully curated group of her closest friends, each chosen for their unique role in her life. The bridesmaids wore flowing blush dresses that complemented the overall color palette of the wedding. Each dress featured subtle lace details, tying in seamlessly with the vintage charm of Emily’s gown. Adorned with dainty floral crowns and carrying bouquets that mirrored the fall hues, the bridesmaids were a vision of ethereal beauty.


Alex’s groomsmen, a band of brothers and lifelong friends, stood by his side in navy suits that echoed his own. Crisp white pocket squares and matching boutonnieres added a touch of sophistication. The groomsmen’s camaraderie was evident, and their matching attire symbolized the unity and shared history they celebrated with the groom.

The Details

Food and Drinks

The culinary journey at Kirsten and Scott’s wedding was nothing short of a gastronomic adventure. Guests were treated to a feast that blended traditional favorites with a modern twist. The menu featured seasonal delights, celebrating the flavors of fall with dishes like roasted butternut squash risotto and apple-infused cocktails. Each bite was a symphony of tastes, a reflection of the couple’s commitment to creating a memorable experience for their loved ones.

Floral and Decor

Nude color embellishments and decor set the stage for a visual masterpiece. The tables were adorned with blush and champagne-hued florals, creating an atmosphere of understated luxury. Candles flickered in golden holders, casting a warm glow that enveloped the venue in an aura of romance. The combination of soft hues and lush greenery transformed Villa Carlotta into a haven of natural beauty.

Location (Villa Carlotta)

Villa Carlotta, located on the shores of a tranquil lake, was the ideal setting for Kirsten and Scott’s love story. The historic villa, with its timeless architecture and sprawling gardens, added a touch of old-world charm to the festivities. The couple exchanged vows amidst the beauty of nature, surrounded by the whispers of the wind and the rustling leaves – a truly magical setting for their fall wedding.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake was, of course, the showpiece of the evening. A towering masterpiece adorned with delicate sugar flowers and hints of gold, the cake was a work of art. Layers of rich, autumn-inspired flavors like spiced pumpkin and caramelized apple delighted the taste buds, ensuring that the sweet moments of the day lingered in the memories of all who attended.

Readings / Music Choices

Incorporating literary elements that resonated with the couple’s love story, selected readings added a poetic touch to the ceremony. Passages from classic love stories and personal favorites were recited by family members, weaving a tapestry of words that encapsulated the essence of Kirsten and Scott’s relationship.

The soundtrack to their love story played a pivotal role in the ceremony. A string quartet performed classical pieces with a modern twist, creating an ambiance of elegance and sophistication. As Kirsten walked down the aisle, the melodic notes of a favorite song echoed through the air, adding a deeply personal touch to the moment.

Special Moments

Amidst the exchanging of vows and rings, there were unexpected moments that added a touch of magic to the ceremony. A butterfly gracefully fluttering by, seemingly choreographed with the vows, became a symbol of transformation and new beginnings. These serendipitous moments enhanced the enchanting atmosphere, turning the ceremony into a series of delightful surprises.

Kirsten and Scott said “I dos” against the backdrop of the historic Villa Carlotta, surrounded by loved ones, as well as the natural beauty of the venue, ushering in a new chapter in their fairy tale love story. The ceremony was not just a union of two souls but a celebration of the shared history, laughter, and dreams that brought them to this magical moment.

Fall Wedding Shoot – Sea Side View

As the sun set below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the sea, Kirsten and Scott exchanged vows to the sound of waves. The seaside view added a touch of magic to their fall wedding, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere. The salty breeze and the rhythmic sound of the waves provided a natural soundtrack for their love story, making it a celebration that was both grounded and ethereal.

Kirsten and Scott’s wedding was a tapestry of love, carefully woven with each thoughtful detail. From the initial vision to the final dance, their day was a testament to the power of love, creativity, and joy found in life’s most beautiful moments. As the stars twinkled overhead, Villa Carlotta stood witness to a love story that would be cherished for a lifetime. This story began with a proposal under the stars and unfolded into a whimsical fall wedding.

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