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For The Unexpected, Exquisite Moments

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Photographer on the Amalfi Coast

The well-planned moments create space for the beautiful and unconventional. With the details and aesthetics of your wedding prepared far in advance, I will capture the curiosities of the present moment — documenting the decadent details while anticipating the candid moments. After all, the natural unfolding of emotions often holds more significance than most.

My Philosophy As An Italian Photographer

There Is A One-Of-A-Kind Beauty Found Within The Intimate & Unconventional


Exploring a never-before-seen location, but feeling like you belong

That extravagant Hollywood look, but more human and personalized

Fewer wedding guests, more opportunities for quality memory-making

Exclusive proposals to surprise & delight

Italian Photographer On The Amalfi Coast

An Italian photographer originally from Calabria with a reputation built on hundreds of surprise proposals, Pierpaolo Perri knows how to capture the curiosities of the present moment within a calm, curated environment. He has over two decades of photographic experience, and as a local in the Amalfi Coast area, he provides practical and unparalleled advice for wedding couples. His work is similar to the age-old surroundings of Italian architecture, more classic than trendy, but still unique and unfading.

In an area and industry with so much noise, Pierpaolo is insistent on finding peace and purpose within his imagery. To be free from the loud and overdone styles, to focus more on personalization and less on what’s popular.

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“Whoever finds Pierpaolo finds a treasure. Professionalism, competence, kindness, and more. In him, I found a fantastic person, he made me feel at ease straight away and then with one look, he understood my state of mind.” Chiara


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Amalfi Coast Photographer

Unearthing The Beauty of The Unconventional

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