Photography is my music

I am passionate about things I can get lost in. I used to be a musician. I started playing the piano since I was a 10 year old kid and I remember my dad taking pictures of us with his Ricoh camera at that time. I start using my dad's camera in the same period. I grew up with music and photography and I was sure that my life would be in music somehow. I played bass guitar with my bands all over Italy. Then I met a photographer who was taking pictures at one of our concerts in Naples and I started working for him as an assistant. I discovered that I could express myself through photography as I was doing with music.
My life has been really complicated especially in the last few years. It made me a tough person, like the metal music that I liked playing and I like to listen to, but I found my balance thanks to my work and now I'm really aware of who I am and what I can give to the people I meet along my way. I am a father, I get emotional when I see newborns.
I get chills when I listen to someone who sings with passion. I loose myself when I take pictures as when I play music. Now I play my camera.

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I am interested in connections that happen during your wedding day between you and your loved ones. I shoot all the rest: details, dresses, reception venues, bands, guests, dance...but I would shoot mostly feelings.